A Coddle-Popper is a little person just like you and me who lives and works in Faery Wood.
Even on tippy-toe Coddle-Poppers are only a couple apples tall at best, and are very hard to spot. Being so small and ever so shy they usually just stay in the shadows, and if ever they get spotted by a human they freeze absolutely still, just like a statue or maybe even stiller … like a baby bunny on bath night!

Have you ever believed that you once saw something move out of the corner of your eye, but when you turned to look at it, it was just a shadow … or was it? It sounds to me, that you were Coddle-Poppered! Yes sir, Coddle-Poppers love to play their little tricks, especially on humans … and even more especially on other Coddle-Poppers!

When you come for a visit, if you can sit still and stay quiet for long enough, you are bound to see a Coddle-Popper casually going about his business somewhere in the woods.
We pride ourselves in providing such a safe environment for Coddle-Poppers here at ‘Once Upon A Time’; which is probably why there are so many Coddle-Popper families living and working here who keep Faery wood looking so beautiful for all wonderful birds and animals that live here too.

Please click on this map for a better view or to print off a copy of our ‘MAP’ so that after your wagon ride, you can stretch your legs, take in some fresh country air and treat yourself to a stroll like no other, along our many beautiful story trails and check out some of the amazing landmarks.

You are welcome to bring along a picnic, we just ask that you make sure to take your litter home with you so that the woods stay beautiful for everyone else to enjoy too.
Please be sure to bring suitable outdoor apparel, your camera and your bestest smiley face.

If the trip is too far, you can find out more about the North American Coddle-Popper in our storybook titled: Mother Natures Guardians Coddle-Popper Chronicles, Volume: I

A series of tall tales with small Coddle-Poppers are now available in audio.

Coddle-Popper Creed: Changing the World – One Act of Kindness at a Time