We have a series of four audio storybooks about the Coddle-Poppers who live and work here at Faery Wood.


Gives an insight to the world of the Coddle-Popper. What a Coddle Popper looks like, the best time to see one, where to find them, how to spot one and tell-tale signs to look for when out on a stroll in the woods. With Coddle-Poppers only being only a couple of apples tall, you’ll need all the help that you can get.

Storybook II – THE FAIRY STONE (MP3)

The coddle poppers teach humans how to dream big, how to make wishes, that it is okay if you are a little bit different and that it is your uniqueness that makes you special … and that is where the magic happens!

We also tell you the lovable tale about Momma Grouse that is sure to warm your heart and it will beg the question as to whether a problem would still be a problem if you do not realize that you have a problem in the first place? …  and the coddle poppers solution for it.


Thomas ‘Tipsy’ Tippleman is the Brew Master General to none other than the Coddle-Popper King himself!

A most lovable tale about being good at what you enjoy doing, because when you are good at what you enjoy, and enjoy what you are good at, then what’s not to enjoy about being good at the things you are good at? Yes sir, especially when you are that good and enjoy doing them. We learn the consequences of taking the P, that money is not everything, we discover a cure for hangovers, learn the intricacies of plopper valves and the delicious delicacy of fungal crunch bark clippings!


In this storybook we learn all about a ‘Twinkle Popper’ and an ‘Apprentice Wish-Granting Fairy in Training’, we get taught the responsibilities of making wishes, then how to make wishes for humans, to give in order to receive, the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ and how one good deed ALWAYS deserves another. There is even a free invitation to Faery Wood for a visit. How remarkable and exciting is that!

HOW TO SEE THE FAERIES – The Complete Coddle-Popper Guide (MP3)

Ever wanted to see and speak with the faeries but have no idea where to begin? The answer is a short hop skip and a jump away. Experience something that will have your heart skip a beat as you explore the beautiful world of Faery.

It’s safe, no-one is watching and your inner light will delight in such joy to the point that it will shine so bright that people will wonder where you have been?

‘How to see the Faeries’ teaches us what we need to do in order to see a Faery and it actually takes us all on a magical guided meditation journey down to the world of Faery to meet either your favorite Coddle-Popper, Faery or Guardian Spirit. A most magical experience indeed. It’s a wonderful adventure for all ages that you will want to experience time and time again.

‘Gentle. Lyrical. Peaceful. I’ve taken meditative journeys before but never one that was this lighthearted and fun. A magical combination of the solid principles of spiritual practice with the mysticism of fairy tale.’
Maureen Carlson, author of Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls, A Fantasy World in Polymer Clay

‘An enchanting meditation that carried me along on a wave of magic created by the Coddle-Poppers themselves. The offerings of Faerie-land brought personal insights, intuitive connections to my spiritual guides, magical messages of strength, endurance and possibilities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful journey!’
Ruth A. Souther, author of the Immortal Journey Mythic Fantasy series

Please also check out our series of four audio storybooks that are sure to bring a smile.

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