For countless centuries or maybe longer, the Coddle-Popper has faithfully buried his treasure at the end of the Rainbow. The treasure is a gift of gratitude from the Coddle-Popper to Mother Earth as a thank you for being blessed with so much good health, unlimited amounts of fine friends and the luxury of always being able to go to sleep with the comfort of a full tummy. Yes sir, no tummy rumbles keeping you awake and you know how frustrating that is, yes sir, most frustrating indeed.

As time rolled on and with tales passed down from generation to generation during bedtime stories, the secret of the treasure at the end of the rainbow is no longer a secret any longer. No Sir! So much treasure has now been dug up by ‘too clever for their own good’ children that the Coddle-Popper has now changed his hiding spot with this very ingenious ‘Moon Dial’ device at the new Rainbow’s End. Yes sir, very ingenious indeed.

Don’t be misled by the fact that there are only 6 arches, no sir, that is merely the Coddle-Poppers red herring just to throw you off the trail, a very slippery red herring at that. The important factor is that there are 12 legs, because each of the legs represents a month of the year. But which month belongs to which leg is as intricate as a spiders web, yes sir, you don’t know where it starts the same as you don’t know where it ends either!

On the month that the Coddle-Popper was born when the moon is at its fullest, the Coddle-Popper will sit patiently on the arch at the top of his ‘Birthday Pole’ and wait for the moon to cast a shadow from the centre pole towards his hat, providing that his hat is seated perpendicular to his right eyebrow, and the wind is in a northwesterly direction. Yes sir, that is most important. As soon as the two shadows touch, the Coddle-Popper takes the bearing of the shadow produced by the center pole and happily heads off into the woods with his shovel and treasure chest of goodies. Yes sir, Coddle-Poppers love nothing more than giving.
I have since found out that the distance traveled by the Coddle-Popper from the moon dial to bury his treasure chest is four bunny hops, three duck waddles, a frogs leap and a whole cat’s purr. Yes sir, the cat’s purr is very important as long as it is a happy purr and not a ‘being tickled’ purr. No sir, they are completely different.

But the Coddle-Poppers still won’t tell us which pole belongs to which month because they know that the children will be able to work it out where the treasure is again, and seeing as there are thirteen new moons in every year and that the Coddle-Popper sits on a new pole every year they feel pretty darned sure that the ’Too clever for their own good’ children won’t be digging up none of their treasure from now on! No sir.
If only you children weren’t so smart. We’d then know which leg belonged to which month! Or would we?

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Coddle-Popper Creed: Changing the World – One Act of Kindness at a Time