The Medicine Wheel is a physical representation of spiritual energy.
The circle honors:
• The four directions: East, South, West and North,
• The four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air
• Our four levels of existence/healing: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental.

Walking through the Medicine Wheel means experiencing the four directions as a road-map to heal body, mind, heart and soul and find balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


The movement of the wheel starts in the East, goes to the South, moves through the West and finishes in the North.

EAST: Like the sun rises in the EAST and brings with it a brand new day, we too have the opportunity to enjoy renewed energy, inspiration and fresh possibilities. The EAST represents all of our potential choices.
Sometimes a problem has so many layers to consider that we can feel overwhelmed and move into the emotion of fear.
• First find a place of calmness.
• When facing a problem, it’s a great idea to write a list of all of your options and choices.
• Give yourself the gift of NOT needing to know the answer right away. Trust that clarity will come.

STEP 1: Create a sense of inner peace and inspiration in the midst of chaos.

SOUTH: The direction of SOUTH on the Medicine Wheel represents community, the heart and a sense of belonging. Once you’ve written down all of your choices from a position of neutrality, it’s time to cultivate your support team and bring in your community. Make a list of everyone who can help, this can be family, friends, teachers, mentors . . . don’t forget to include your guides and helpers from the spirit world. You may only talk with just a few of them as it’s not really necessary connect with everybody. The knowledge that you are fully supported by all of your people is incredibly powerful.

STEP 2: Allow yourself to enjoy a sense of connectedness in order to fill your cup.

WEST: Once you have an idea of every possible choice that would address your problem and you’ve also connected wholeheartedly with your support, it’s time to move into the west. The WEST brings us the ability to cut through the confusion and move into clarity about what we actually want.
The work of the west is to release the obstacles that are in the way of creating the life we want to have. It’s essential to take the time here to identify and release those fears which are based in outdated beliefs such as “not being good enough,” “It never works,” “It’s too hard,” and whatever other negative excuss that comes to mind. Once we’ve let go, we’re free to take ‘right action,’ using the best solution for our problem from all of the options we identified earlier in the east.

STEP 3: Let go of the obstacles that are in the way of creating the life we want to have.

NORTH: The NORTH is the place of power, leadership, of good timing and right action. Now that you are feeling inspired, supported and clear it is much easier to take action. You can step out into the world from a very powerful, conscious platform.

STEP 4: Develop and implement a plan of action.
Spirit is the anchor to each of these steps. When we’re operating from essence, connected to our internal wisdom teacher and in alignment with Spirit then our walk around the medicine wheel will be fruitful, but does not necessarily mean that it’s going to be easy.

Should we find ourselves stuck, or struggling again, all we need to do is step back into the East and start over.