The Labyrinth at Faery Wood is 120ft across and has over a 1000 crystals buried in her walls. She is the biggest of her kind in all of Canada as befits a Coddle-Popper Kingdom.

In 2009 the Coddle-Popper Labyrinth initiated a worldwide drumming event and was joined by 75 other labyrinths across the globe to fulfill a 500-year prophecy. You can find out more about the 8000 Drums event in the video below.

The Crystal Labyrinth is about ¾ km to the center, taking between 10 and 15 minutes to walk there. By the time that you have completed your journey to the center and back out again, you will have travel almost 1½ km and earned yourself a good night’s sleep.

The difference between a Maze and a Labyrinth is that a maze is where we go and get ourselves lost but by contrast, the Labyrinth only has one path to the center. That being said, the Coddle-Poppers take great joy leading you up the garden path … just as you think that you are almost to the center, the next thing that you realize is that you find yourself almost back on the outside again!

The Coddle-Poppers ask that you bring the Labyrinth the gift of a crystal and in exchange she will answer any question that you might ask or provide you a healing. Truly a most magical experience indeed.

Not just Coddle-Poppers, but for centuries all religions have used this ancient pattern as a healing tool because the journey is inward and the continual turning of left and right engages both sides of the brain, thus getting in touch with the inner self.

Some people make the pilgrimage to Faery Wood every year on the September Equinox (our Thunder Palms event) and plant a crystal in memory of a loved one or in gratitude for having their prayers answered. You can find out more about the Coddle-Popper Autumn Equinox event here at

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