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The energy from this year’s drumming event and Faery Festival was spectacular and we successfully awoke the Earth Wheel to the awareness of itself and we were joined (the place was packed) by all our friends from every realm of spirit too!

Next year we shall be honored to have Grandmother Jeorgina Larocque activate the Earth Wheel with both Rose Quartz crystals (56) and Ceremony. FYI …By comparison the energy created next year with the activation of the Earth Wheel will be many times greater than that which we experienced this weekend. (which was already mind-blowing!)

Following on from the success of this year’s event, we are already looking toward the 2018 September Equinox’ very powerful Earth Wheel Activation Ceremony.
Anyone wishing to make either a Grandmother drum (like the one with Reg below) to be part of/included in next year’s Ceremony, or a smaller healing drum (like the one’s used by Louise and Reg above) please get in touch with us as Reg Roy (and Louise) will have a separate workshop for each type of drum over the course of a weekend subject to sufficient numbers being interested.

Dates and cost will be posted in due course and all materials will be supplied for the workshop.
Reg also has some wonderful teachings to share over the course of the weekend and along with the magic of Faery Wood, it will prove to be a very magical, therapeutic and powerful healing time!

Please message me if you provisionally wish to make a drum and which type. wink@faerys.ca

Reg Roy with Grandmother Drum