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How would you like to have a VIP day at Faery Wood complete with a seat on the Coddle-Popper Express , a wish at the Fairy Stone and the full Storyteller experience?

It’s FREE and it couldn’t be any easier to secure this Coddle-Popper delight with just your name on it.

There are just 3 very simple steps:

  • Click the FaceBook ‘LIKE/SHARE’ button that is located just above this blog post so that this page is now shared on your FaceBook page too.
  • Then click on these two links and do the same for the HOLISTIC WEEKEND and THUNDER PALMS too. (This can be on separate days or all on the same day).
  • When you have all 3 posted on your own page, you can FaceBook message me HERE to reserve your spot for a FREE magical day at Faery Wood with a seat aboard the Coddle-Popper Express!

The seats will be transferable in order that should you wish to bring along a ‘plus-one’, they, or a friend can add the 3 blog posts to their FaceBook page in order for the ‘plus-one’ to have their seat too.

All 3 posts need to be displayed by close of play Friday 22nd September 2017.

We intend that the special day at Faery Wood will be in the early part of October, when the leaves are changing color and the woods are at their prettiest.

We ALL look forward to seeing you here.

If you want to learn more about your wonderful little hosts for the day, you can hear all about the Coddle-Poppers on our MP3 audio storybooks.

Coddle-Popper Creed: Changing the World – One Act of Kindness at a time


Photograph courtesy of Danielle Bourque