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Today I worked with the four elements (EARTH, FIRE, AIR & WATER) and the the medicine of BEAVER.

The toil was hard, but made easier by the efforts of Deb and Anne from the day previous. THANK YOU!

The summer rains … or lack thereof have dropped the water levels at the creek enabling us to get down for a clear up. The beavers have long since moved to their summer residence until the return of suitable levels of water. You can see the many entrances to their lodge, which are no longer hidden beneath the water to provide safe haven.

When you see the sizes of some of the trees that they drop it is remarkable. I have to think twice with my chainsaw, and those little critters do it all with their teeth!

The place looks gorgeous. It is tranquil, the colors are appearing and you can hear the different birds calling. I also had a wonderful visit by a huge heron who’s ungainly manner of flight and incredible wingspan was certainly a sight to behold and on the other end of the spectrum, a tiny little snipe who’s song was so beautiful as it went about it’s business at the waters edge. We are so fortunate to have all this on our own doorstep.

It occurred to me that people pay stupid amounts of money for lesser effective workshops or to have healing/release-work which does not even come close to being able to match this degree of inner work of the self.

Want some? If you have some releasing to be done or inner work and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you’re prepared to put into it what you want to take out (the exchange) … then there’s plenty more medicine left where that came from!