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Well the Crystal Labyrinth finally gets her haircut. It takes hours and hours and gives plenty of time for reflection.

It was exactly 9 years ago that Jenny (Soreena Searle), Debby and myself embarked on the monumental task of digging out a Labyrinth on top of the hill at ‘The Land of the Little People’.

On reflection it was a wonderful experience, but I also recall some less than spiritual language being used in the back breaking task of digging with Coddle-Poppers throwing in a few wrong turns added to the mix just to see what happens with my reaction. I did not disappoint!

Since then we have had Darlene, Hermal, Joanne, Laurie, Sue, Gerald, Troy, Anne, Rennetta, Lancelot, Rhys, Vikki, Sara, Justin to name but a few helping with our events with too far many special guests to even begin to start naming them all!

You are all troopers! Without your kindness we would never be able to host such wonderful occasions where people get so much. You’re all awesome and we appreciate you.

Everyone is invited to join us for more events. Events which have been made possible by awesome individuals like those mentioned above which are coming up in just a few weeks time.

We have ‘THE FAERY FESTIVAL’, where everyone is invited to attend as a Faery-tale character and can get in for FREE.

We have a REIKI SHARE and Pam LeBlanc is bringing 3 of her Reiki horses!

There’s THUNDER PALMS for those who love drumming.

And .. THE GATHERING OF REIKI MASTERS have a very special evening planned too!

Just click on each of the links to find out more details. We look forward to seeing you.

Anyone wishing to set up a trade stand is very welcome with prior permission. Please email: wink@faerys.ca