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Weather never seems to dampen the spirit of neither Coddle-Popper nor Canadian alike.

Even though it was a sticky light rain there was a distinct hustle of excitedness at the Government Garage where those in the Parade were adorning their floats.

By the time that we got the Farm Tractor and wagon to the start point, Maddie and Dee were already waiting for us, and in just half an hour we were festooned, changed and champing at the bit ready for the off!

There appeared to be no kind of order, everyone just squeezed themselves into a spot wherever that they could find some empty space. It was the merry kind of ‘free-for-all’, not the ‘Black-Friday’ frenzied kind.
Noone knew where to go, who they had to see, or what the order was, other than the band goes first … and that they step off at 11. Everyone had made it there, and that was good enough.

Maddie and Dee, both team members of the ‘Envirothon Champions’ team were walking alongside dishing out hemp seeds to excited onlookers, a rather handsome looking Coddle-Popper took the wheel of the farm tractor and a rather gnarly looking Faery-Ninja followed along behind giving away free audio storybooks of Momma Grouse.

Umbrellas proved to be the fashion accessory to be seen with, and joyful spirits were aplenty all along the route, which by the time that we came along was paved with a multi-colored spillage of lollipops and candy.

We eventually finished up at the Stanley Fairgrounds, for prizes, acknowledgements, Kirk’s speech, and jovial banter. A good time was had by all.

Anyone who missed out on the FREE audio storybook about Momma Grouse can still get a FREE mp3 copy by clicking the FREE Membership buttons and we shall send you the link for you to download it.

Thank you to all who ventured out and made the Canada Day Parade such an amazing experience … we may even see you again next year!

If you wish to find out more about our native ‘North American Coddle-Popper’, please see the link below for one of the many magical stories that are available.

Coddle-Popper Creed: Changing the World – One Act of Kindness at a time.