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Faery Wood is on a magical farm called ‘Once Upon A Time’, sneakily hidden in the rolling hills of Williamsburg, about three frog leaps and a dog’s bark away from the sleepy little village of Stanley, in New Brunswick, Canada.

We have lots of magical stories about the little people who live and work in ‘Faery Wood’, and we’re honored that the North American Coddle-Popper has chosen our beautiful little farm to be ‘The Land of the Little People.’

Coddle-Poppers are known for their magical ability to make special memories and grant happy childhood wishes that will be cherished for many years to come. It is the jewel in the crown of all Coddle-Popper Kingdoms.

There is definitely something for everyone at Faery Wood regardless of wherever you might be on your spiritual journey through life. Keep an open heart, see what resonates and trust your intuition.

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Grenville and Debby Woollacott are the founders of Healing Owl, Thunder Palms, ‘The Land of the Little People’ and authors of the ‘Faery Wood’ series of storybooks. The magic of ‘Faery Wood is as much for grown-ups as it is for children. More so in fact because grown ups seem to have lost their way especially when it comes to the magic of faery and how faery folk can be of assistance in our busy lives.

In 2008 they noticed that they were not the only ones living at Once Upon A Time Farm and the rest is a long tall story to be shared around a campfire some time whilst on a visit.Let a stroll in Faery Wood be just the family tonic that you were looking for.

In gratitude to Mother Earth, every September Equinox they open their gates and invite you all to join them for Thunder Palms, a worldwide drumming event at ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Coddle-Popper Creed: Changing the world – One act of kindness at a time.